Barcoding for Wines

 Ok. Today we are rambling a little off topic. If you are anything like me, who enjoys a good bottle of wine, you will find that its almost impossible to remember the name of the wine you had at the restaurant last Monday. One method in remembering is to keep the corks.

There is a free iPhone app that offers a better strategy.

If you find a bottle you enjoy, try the newly-updated Natalie MacLean Wine Picks & Pairings app. The app recently included a barcode scanner, so you can record distinguishable wines with less work. It includes a cumulation of wine pairings and reviews from Ms. MacLean, a food and wine writer.

Neither app is available for Android, but Android users who want a free app to help record a wine should use Google Shopper or The Find. Both offer good barcode scanners, and both store your searches and help you find retailers that sell that wine — which is more than you can say for either Memorable Wines or Wine Picks & Pairings.

This just shows one more use of the conventional barcode. It is hard to beat when it comes to cataloging any type of product. You can view the original article at Gadget Wise on the New York Times site.