ADE started trading in April of 1989, specialising in the medical industry. By the second year of trading our barcode equipment had saturated the industry by 98%. In subsequent years we extended our markets to IT, Manufacturing, Automotive, Steel Industry, Horticulture and several other industries.

ADE is an Official Sato and Zebra Certified Partner. This means that our focus is on technologies available from these suppliers, and we have considerable experience and expertise in these areas.

ADE has been operating for 20 years in the barcoding Industry. With 18 years of product knowledge behind us we are competent to deal with the most demanding applications.

Our product range spans across barcode printers to tethered scanners to radio frequency equipment and terminals to batch data collection units.

Naturally, we had to cater for the consumable market relating to the sale of these products and hence our label production facility was introduced alongside these product sales.

With branches in Johannesburg as well as Cape Town and representation in Durban, we are well equipped to deal with customers from all areas. Our staff are trained abroad on our different product ranges and with active consultation as well as several visits to us from overseas partners, we are constantly updating our knowledge on new and emerging technologies in the industry.

ADE has a carefully structured client engagement methodology. It is designed to ensure that:

  • Your business requirements have been incorporated into the proposed development.
  • Technologies are chosen based on business need and budget.
  • All elements of any application to be built are discussed up front, to ensure that there is certainty for our developers and for you in regard to what is to be delivered.
  • Projects are managed vigorously, in line with the International standards.
  • There is an implementation procedure which ensures that implementations are smooth and executed on time.
  • You have the ability to budget for the expected development.