NiceLabel | Label Design Software

Every day, NiceLabel solutions help customers streamline their business with barcode and RFID technology.

In addition to label designers NiceLabel provides tools that allow you to easily create purpose-built printing solutions. Only purpose-built solutions eliminate human error and increase productivity.

Reduce the complexity and costs of labeling like hundreds of thousands of businesses in all industries – with NiceLabel.

SATO’s Label Gallery replaced by NiceLabel products

SATO customers will be pleased to note that NiceLabel version 6 replaces Label Gallery and is 100% compatible with Label Gallery files. All label templates created with any Label Gallery designer, all forms created with Gallery Forms, and all Gallery Watch configurations can be used with NiceLabel.

Gain efficiency and accuracy
More productivity, less errors and costs

NiceLabel PowerForms allows you to easily adapt the printing interface to your business and user needs. The purpose-built solution minimizes manual data entry, eliminates human error and increases data accuracy.

Print from existing systems

NiceLabel Automation products add label printing functionality to your existing applications (e.g. warehouse management, shipping, production management etc.). The built-in connectors extract data from your software and hardware, requiring no change to existing systems. Automation lets users print efficiently and accurately without switching to another application.

Design labels in minutes
Spend less time maintaining label formats

NiceLabel lets you easily create standard compliance, customer specific or your proprietary barcode label templates. A library of predefined designs, 70 barcode symbologies, extensive clip art gallery and a point-and-click interface will help you finish quality designs in no time. Universal label format means you use the same template for different products and on different printers.

Enterprise solutions
Consolidate labeling across your enterprise and your supply chain.

Maintaining a consistent and reliable labeling system is becoming a daunting challenge as your company strives for greater operational efficiency, your customers demand more flexibility and regulatory bodies change requirements.

NiceLabel’s unique next generation technology platform is designed to eliminate this complexity and the costs associated with legacy approaches.

  • Achieve labeling and brand consistency
  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and ensure business continuity
  • Meet customer and regulatory requirements
  • Accelerate time-to-value
  • Get a complete enterprise labeling solution