• Digital printing is the method of printing from a digital based image to a variety of media.
  • Digital printing allows for on demand printing and short turnaround time as no printing plates are needed.
  • The main difference between flexography printing and digital printing is that no printing plates are required and there is no limit on how many colours can be used.
  • Digital printing allows for more colours and photographic quality when printed.

Artwork Requirements
Please note: Our artwork specifications and requirements are as follows:

  • Artwork must be supplied in a print ready digital format in either PDF (.pdf format): raster and vector art accepted JPEG
  • Corel Draw X6 or lower (.cdr format): convert fonts and scale hairline with image EPS/TIFF (.eps / .tiff formats): accepted
  • PDF and Corel draw files must be converted to curves before sending to us.
  • All files must be in CMYK and must have a high resolution (min 300 dpi) hereby ensuring that the artwork is not blurry or pixelated. To ensure correct artwork is received please forward a combination of two of the listed formats
  • Art must have at least a 3mm bleed designed into it for cutting, if your design is right on the edge 3mm will be cut off!
    Templates for the banner specials are available to download: Download templates

Note: Incorrectly supplied artwork may incur further costs

Digital printing options:

Banner Printing

All our banners can be printed in a variety of designs according to your artwork. The banners are supplied on a non curl PVC. Please ensure that there is a minimum 50mm “text bleed” to the inside of your banner. The “top bleed” must be 10mm and the “bottom bleed” must be 50mm to ensure accurate printing.

(Bleed is a printing term that refers to printing that goes beyond the edge of the sheet after trimming.

The bleed is the part on the side of a document that gives the printer a small amount of space to account for movement of the paper, and design inconsistencies. Bleed ensures that no unprinted edges occur in the final trimmed document.)

We can also offer:  X Banner stands, poster frames, A-stands and banners with eyelets


Canvas Printing

This is the ideal gift or decoration for your home. Enlarge your treasured memories and have them printed on canvas which can be framed or block mounted.

The benefits of canvas photo printing is that the rough surface is extremely forgiving, allowing you to print pictures at a size that normal photo paper would not allow – quality breakdown in the picture is hidden by the rough surface, making canvas printing ideal for printing old pictures, or pictures that cannot be printed any larger with traditional printing methods.

Printed canvas really looks and feels like the real thing and is often difficult to tell apart from the original. We use Picasso Art Canvas for high quality print. It is a great way to display works of art.

We can also offer the canvas in any custom size with a maximum width of 1.3 metres wide


Poster Printing

A well-designed poster is eye-catching, attractive, and communicates information effectively and economically.

Making it easier for your viewer to read and react to your poster print by clearly labelling your product, service, or event causing your advertising budget to stretch further.

We specialize in posters and can assist you with custom made solutions for your poster needs. To guarantee the absolute best quality, our posters are printed on 200gram poster paper.


Vinyl Labels

Custom made labels is a great promotional idea for your company, web sites and branding tool. Full colour labels really put your message forward.

We are able to assist with you with labels as follows:

  • Round, square, rectangular and any shaped labels
  • Labels for any business’ promotion gifts and advertising
  • Printed full colour for maximum effect
  • Print and cut to any shape

The advantages of Digital printed labels are that the turnaround time is relatively short and should an emergency arise the labels can be printed within a day.

Some label suggestions:
Wine or water bottle labels: Creating wine labels for special occasions like wedding, special birthdays, holiday, gifts and promotional campaigns.

Occasion labels:
Why not get you own personal labels printed to put on Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, wedding gifts etc.


Domed Labels

Doming is a finishing process that applies clear liquid polyurethane in a metered dose to the top surface of a label. The liquid material, which is the consistency of honey, flows to the edge of the vinyl shape and is trapped by capillary attraction to the edge. The liquid is then cured to produce a finished product with a 3D domed, bubbled, or lens effect. The labels have a neat durable appearance and are widely used on electronic equipment and even on corporate gifts.

Domed products require all corners to have at least a small radius or the polyurethane will bleed off the edge. Virtually any shape with full colour or black and white printing can be domed. We can print and dome directly from your artwork. The final product has a high-class enhanced appearance that is scratch and moisture resistant. Typical uses for domed decals include labels, product identification labels and name badges.